Procedure Detail

6-12 months
What is breast reconstruction?
Breast reconstruction is a cosmetic procedure, usually performed on women who have had a mastectomy (removal of a breast due to cancer or a precancerous condition). Breast reconstruction can restore natural curves as well as self-esteem.
What does breast reconstruction do?
Breast reconstruction can be performed using tissue expanders, implants, or autogenous tissue. All three of these options provide good to excellent results. Often, reconstruction must be performed in stages over the course of six to twelve months. During that span, multiple procedures may be performed as needed for optimal results. After the reconstruction of one breast, the other may need to be modified in order to achieve symmetry. This might require breast augmentation, breast reduction, or breast lift surgery.
Is this procedure painful?
The first stage of reconstruction, which is usually performed at the time of the mastectomy, is the longest and most complex. Subsequent surgeries are usually performed on an outpatient basis and involve much less discomfort with a more rapid recovery.
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