Procedure Detail

1 hour
3-6 weeks
What is breast augmentation?
Breast augmentation is a surgical cosmetic procedure designed to increase and enhance the size and shape of a woman's breast. The patient collaborates with Dr. Funk and his staff to determine the size, shape, and type of implant needed to create the perfect results for her body. Dr. Funk provides this procedure at his Lancaster, York, and Camp Hill offices.
What does breast augmentation do?
Breast augmentation surgery creates full, beautiful breasts. Dr. Funk makes either areolar, axillary, or inframammary incisions in the breast. He then places a saline or silicone implant. Once the implant is correctly placed, the incision is carefully closed. This procedure can be performed in conjunction with other breast procedures for a more complete result.
How long does recovery take?
The average woman can return to non-strenuous activities in five to seven days. Typically, most women can return to their full range of physical activities, including exercise and athletics, in three to six weeks.
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