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    Breast Augmentation

    Full, beautifully shaped breasts can make any woman feel more feminine, attractive, and secure. Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure designed to increase and enhance the size and shape of a woman’s breast. Working directly with Dr. Funk and his nursing staff, the breast augmentation patient receives guidance at our Lancaster, York, or Camp Hill clinic in customizing the size and shape of the breast implants, which allows her to achieve the results that truly meet her expectations. During this outpatient procedure, a saline or silicone implant is carefully inserted either under or above the pectoralis muscles. The incisions used are areolar (through the dark circle of skin around the nipple), axillary (under the arm), or, most commonly, inframammary (in the inferior breast fold). Once the implant is placed in position through this very small incision, it is filled with a sterile saline (or saltwater) solution.

    The position of the implant is dependent upon the size and shape of the breast and the specific medical history of the patient. In very thin women or women with very small breasts, positioning the implant under the chest muscles allows the muscles to act as a built-in natural bra. Once the implant is in place, the incision is carefully closed. Performed under general anesthesia, breast augmentation typically takes about one hour to complete. The average woman can return to non-strenuous activities in five to seven days. Typically, most women can return to their full range of physical activities, including exercise and athletics, in three to six weeks.

    Silicone gel implants are available only to very select patients who meet stringent FDA guidelines. This can be discussed during your consultation with Dr. Funk. Breast augmentation can be used in conjunction with a mastopexy (breast lift) in patients who have significantly deflated or drooping (ptotic) breasts. For more information about breast augmentation, please schedule an appointment at one of our comfortable offices in Lancaster, York, or Camp Hill.



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