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Cosmetic Surgery in Lancaster, PA (PA)


    Neck Sling – Neck Lift

    The neck sling (neck lift) is one of the most recent advances in the fight against early relaxation of the skin of the neck. This procedure is often combined with face and neck liposculpture. Through a small incision behind each ear and under the chin, excess fat of the lower face and neck can be contoured and removed. The neck muscles are then tightened using either a permanent suture or a suture that slowly melts away, leaving the face and neck with a new, youthful, and natural contour. Fine wrinkles may also be improved.

    This procedure is more commonly reserved for younger to middle aged patients with signs of premature aging of the neck. Candidates for this procedure often enjoy a reduced period of recovery. This procedure typically takes one to two hours to perform under sedation or general anesthesia.


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