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    Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

    For a subtle enhancement of the bust line provided by nature, a breast lift may be the perfect solution. A breast lift can correct for the natural effects of aging such as drooping and sagging. The procedure can also get rid of the excess skin that can occur after pregnancy or nursing, or after a significant reduction in weight. The breast lift procedure consists of eliminating surplus skin and tissue, lifting and tightening the skin of the breast, and repositioning the nipples, thereby creating a perky, natural-looking breast.

    A breast lift, which restores your youthful curves and shape, can usually be performed in two to three hours under general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure. It may take a month or more of recovery for a patient to see the full benefits of breast lift surgery. If a patient at our Lancaster, York, or Camp Hill office wants to increase her breast size as well, the procedure can be performed in combination with breast augmentation. Our goal with every breast lift procedure is to produce natural looking, beautiful results. As is the case with any other cosmetic surgery, realistic expectations for the breast lift procedure are key to achieving a successful outcome.



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