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    Thigh Lift (Inner or Outer)

    If a regular routine of exercise and healthy eating isn’t having the desired effect on your thighs, a thigh lift may be a good option for you.

    While a body lift is designed to rejuvenate the lateral abdomen, lower back, and circumferential thigh, some patients only suffer from skin laxity (loss of tightness) of the inner or outer thigh, requiring only an inner or outer thigh tightening or rejuvenating procedure.

    These patients are not typical candidates for liposuction procedures as there is skin laxity with wrinkling, fine lines, and cellulite present. Only tightening of the skin as seen with these procedures can truly rejuvenate the thigh. The effects of this surgery can be quite dramatic. The result is slimmer, more toned, and naturally shaped thighs for both men and women. Conservative liposuction may also be combined with this procedure.


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