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    Liposuction (Liposculpture)

    Liposuction is one of the most remarkable advances in body contouring surgery. The ability to insert a small tube under the skin and remove fat literally became a reality just over 20 years ago. This dream-come-true technique has revolutionized body contouring surgery and today is often combined with many other cosmetic procedures, allowing refinements previously not possible.

    A modern approach to cosmetic enhancement, liposuction has applications in almost every area of the body. Now, the face, breast, arm, abdomen, thigh, and back can be safely sculpted in many patients, restoring the body’s natural and youthful contours.

    In the properly selected patient, the benefits of liposuction are many. There are a wide variety of liposuction techniques available, including standard (SAL), ultrasonic (UAL), and power-assisted lipoplasty (PAL). Whether it’s a flatter abdomen or more defined legs and thighs, this body contouring technique can help you achieve the result you desire. Cellulite, if present, is not typically improved with liposuction.

    These procedures are not designed for weight loss, and proper patient selection is critical to a successful and safe outcome and a happy patient. This procedure is generally performed on an outpatient basis, and recovery is generally quite short.

    The safety of this procedure has been dramatically enhanced with the introduction of the superwet version of the tumescent technique. With this technique, a dilute solution of physiologic saltwater with epinephrine added (superwet tumescent-type solution) is instilled into the fat of the area to be treated. Even with this, however, patients requiring large volume liposuction procedures should be very carefully selected after an extensive consultation with a very qualified plastic surgeon. This should clearly be considered major surgery and never taken lightly. Patients who require liposuction to remove larger volumes of fat (over 5,000 cc’s), however, are generally admitted to a hospital for at least one night for monitoring to ensure safety.

    A light compression garment of some type is generally used for four to six weeks after surgery. Bruising and swelling are the most common side effects of liposuction and usually subside within two to three weeks in most patients. Most patients are able to resume light activity in three to five days. Patients can typically engage in a full range of normal activities within two to six weeks, depending upon the extent of the liposuction performed. Dr. Funk serves patients from Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, and throughout central Pennsylvania who are interested in liposuction.



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