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    Reveal your natural brilliance with Fraxel® laser skincare

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    Crow’s Feet. Turkey Neck. “Thinkles”. You know those lines of wisdom on your forehead? Yeah, you do.

    If you’re unhappy with deep lines, wrinkles, sun damage and other signs of aging on your face and neck, you may be interested in fractional resurfacing – a series of procedures known as Fraxel Repair®, Fraxel Restore® or Fraxel Dual®.

    Fractional resurfacing creates thousands of microscopic treatment zones per square centimeter, stimulating repair and rejuvenation by inducing the skin’s natural wound-healing response. Fraxel systems can treat conditions such as fine lines and pigmentation, acne and surgical scars, deeper lines and wrinkles and Actinic Keratosis. With over a decade of treatments to date, Fraxel technology is proven science that gets real results on the signs of aging.

    Fraxel Repair® is the most aggressive treatment and can produce dramatic improvement for severely damaged skin. This is a single treatment and requires more downtime and after-treatment care. Fraxel Refine® and Fraxel Restore® are less aggressive treatments and produce significant results for mild to moderately damaged skin. Both of these Fraxel® systems require three or more treatments to achieve the desired results

    Fraxel Dual is very specific and effective at treating brown pigment including sun damage lentigines (sun spots), aging spots, and studies are being conducted for the treatment of melasma. In a single treatment, remarkable clearance of pigment occurs within 7 to 10 days. The treatment is very tolerable, either with or without numbing cream. The face as well as the entire body can be treated.

    Fraxel Repair®, Fraxel Restore® or Fraxel Dual® – because turkey-neck only looks good on a turkey!


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