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    Misconceptions about Plastic Surgery

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    There are a lot of misconceptions about plastic surgery, ranging from misunderstanding it’s purpose (it’s all about physical beauty and looking good), to thinking that only rich and famous people get it done, and whether or not it’s a permanent solution to certain concerns like scars, acne, and being overweight.

    In a blog post on the American Society of Plastic Surgeons website, they do a great job of addressing the top 5 myths about plastic surgery.  Those myths are:

    #5 -Plastic Surgery is all about beauty and vanity

    #4 –  Plastic Surgery patients are the rich and famous

    #3 – Only women get plastic surgery

    #2 – Plastic Surgery leaves no scars and lasts forever

    And the number 1 myth about plastic surgery?

    #1 – Plastic Surgery is the same as cosmetic surgery

    This number one misconception is a very important one, with a lot of new ‘medi-spas’ creating the perception that the cosmetic services they offer may be the same as what a patient would get from board certified plastic surgeon.  Also, a number of other doctors that are trained in other areas, but not necessarily in plastic surgery, are offering plastic surgery procedures.

    Here’s an excerpt from the ASPS blog post that clears up the difference:

    “All plastic surgeons do not have the same training. Many doctors trained in, and board certified in, other specialties such as gynecology or family medicine have ventured into plastic surgery, causing what is known as “white coat confusion“. Yes, they are board certified – but not in plastic surgery.

    Likewise, doctors who report to be board certified in cosmetic surgery are not recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. Being board certified in plastic surgery means that a physician has undergone years of specific training related to all the nuances of cosmetic and plastic surgery.

    Patients choosing a surgeon for their cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures should always inquire about a doctor’s specific board certifications and if he or she is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).”

    Dr. Funk has been board certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons since 1991.  Prior to that, he also went through extensive schooling and training, including a residency program at Ohio State University School of Medicine and a prestigious fellowship in Reconstructive Genitourinary and Plastic Surgery at the Eastern Virginia Graduate School of Medicine in Norfolk, Virginia.

    After receiving his training in these distinguished and prestigious centers of education, he was selected to become a member of an elite group of cosmetic plastic surgeons who completed a fellowship in cosmetic surgery in New York City at the world famous Manhattan Eye Ear & Throat Hospital in 1988, under the surgical training of some of the most famous cosmetic plastic surgeons in the world.

    Only a small percentage of cosmetic surgeons actually complete an additional six to 12 month fellowship in cosmetic surgery in such prestigious medical environments. A fellowship is extensive educational and hands-on surgical training electively taken after a mandatory residency.

    It’s this intense training and board certification, paired with Dr. Funk’s eye for the aesthetic, that have earned him the recognition as one of Central PA’s top plastic surgeons.

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