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    Why to Get Botox From a Cosmetic Surgeon

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    Many salons and spas nowadays are offering Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, and other injectable treatments to their clients. Some of these places call themselves medi-spas or medical spas, and try to pass off their staff as trained medical professionals. As a board-certified surgeon, I advise you to be very wary of these establishments, and to only trust invasive procedures to properly trained physicians who can prove their education and skill.
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    Why to Choose a Cosmetic Surgeon for Injectables

    Cosmetic surgeons like myself have received extensive medical education, certification, and hands-on training, and specialize in giving our patients sound advice and the best service possible. The same cannot be said for the staff at some medical spas and salons. Would you trust an untrained person to perform surgery on you? No. Don’t trust an under-trained person to inject something into your body.

    Beware of Frozen Foreheads

    Have you ever seen a person who can’t smile because her forehead is frozen and expressionless? Or a woman with overly plump “duck lips”. Caveat Emptor — let the buyer beware! A trained cosmetic surgeon will tell you exactly what your face needs, which injections will complement your facial features, and how injectables can help you achieve your desired look.

    Entrusting your health to under-trained spa staff can lead to undesired results, and can be dangerous for your health. Injecting one of these products into the wrong place — even if it’s just a few millimeters off place or too deep — can make you look different than you had hoped to. When used in the wrong place or in too great an amount, Botox can leave you expressionless and can cause your eyebrows to droop — a look few people want.

    Protect Your Health

    Certified health professionals take great care to make sure that their Botox and other injectable needles are sterile and pure, and you should settle for nothing less. Injectable treatments performed anywhere other than at a doctor’s office can lead to infection, and you won’t be able to go back to the spa to receive proper medical care.

    If you have any questions about injectables or are interested in visiting our office for treatment, contact us!

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